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German for Beginners Book

2nd Level (A2)

List of all topics in the level A2

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German for beginners: 1st Level Book

Learn German from Beginner's Level to Advanced is the self-study series for beginners to learn German from scratch. This easy step-by-step approach to learning German covers all the basics, from the building blocks of German grammar to the cultural elements of the language. These books are full of exercises and activities to help reinforce the concepts, and you will be amazed at how quickly you start to understand the language. With lessons divided into manageable sections, you will learn the fundamentals of German grammar, pronunciation, and basic conversation. Get to know the culture and customs of Germany, and develop your skills with the help of audio recordings and exercises. Learn German from Beginner's Level to Advanced series is the ideal plateform to get you started on your journey of German language learning.

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