German Grammar

This section contains a summary of German grammar for all levels. To learn the basic German grammar in detail with complete explanations and examples at individual levels, please visit German Grammar A1 and German Grammar A2.

Topics included in the summary of German grammar are:

German Articles

  1. German definite article
  2. German indefinite article
  3. Use of definite and indefinite articles in German
  4. Declension of German definite article
  5. Declension of German indefinite article
  6. Zero article
  7. Use of articles with personal names
  8. Negative article (kein)
  9. Combinations of articles and prepositions

German Nouns

  1. Genders of German nouns
  2. German compound nouns
  3. German noun declension
  4. Plural nouns in German
  5. Nominalization

German Pronouns

  1. Personal pronouns (Personalpronomen)
  2. Possessive pronouns (Possessivpronomen)
  3. Demonstrative pronouns (Demonstrativpronomen)
  4. Reflexive pronouns (Reflexivpronomen)
  5. Relative pronouns (Relativpronomen)
  6. Indefinite pronouns (Indefinitpronomen)
  7. Interrogative pronouns (Interrogativpronomen)

German Prepositions

Prepositions by types

  1. Locative prepositions (Prepositions of place)
  2. Temporal prepositions (Prepositions of time)
  3. Causal prepositions (Prepositions of cause)
  4. Modal prepositions (Prepositions of procedure)

Prepositions by cases

  1. Prepositions with accusative or dative case (two-way prepositions)
  2. Prepositions with accusative case
  3. Prepositions with dative case
  4. Prepositions with genitive case

German Cases

  1. Nominative case in German
    Articles in the nominative case
    Nominative case and adjectives
    Verbs with nominative case
    Predicate nominative
  2. Accusative case in German
    Articles in the accusative case
    Accusative case and adjectives
    Interrogative sentences in accusative
    List of accusative verbs in German
    Predicative accusative
  3. Dative case in German
    Dative articles in German
    Sentence structure in dative case
    Dative adjective endings
    Interrogative sentences in dative
    List of dative verbs in German
  4. German genitive case
    German genitive articles
    Genitive adjective endings
    Sentence structure in genitive case
    Asking questions in genitive case
    German genitive verbs