Driving in Germany

Driving in Germany is fast and highly regularized. The section, 'Driving in Germany' is equally useful for expats and people who want to get their German driver's license. br This section explains everything related to driving in Germany, from German traffic regulations in cities to highways. How you can get a new driver's license in Germany or convert it from your current license to a German license, and where you can practice driving for a test? How you can import or buy a new or a used car in Germany? Information about mandatory car inspection and insurance.
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Learn German Level A1

German is considered one of the difficult languages to learn. That is a misconception. This can be true to an extent for a Chinese or Japanese, who has no prior knowledge of Indo-European languages, but for an English speaker, German is one of the easiest languages to learn. Both German and English belong to the Germanic family of languages. You can try it yourself by visiting our free A1 course. You would be able to understand and speak simple sentences in a week. The course has also supporting audio files with each lesson to learn the most crucial step of German pronunciation.
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Learn German Level A2

A2 is the next learning step after completing the basic A1 level. Both A1 and A2 are considered beginner’s level. The beginning stage of learning any language is the most demanding stage. It demands time and attention. Once you have a solid grip over grammar, now you can build vocabulary slowly from multiple sources, i.e. films, novels, games, books, etc.
Both A1 and A2 levels on this website are self-learning courses. Lessons are structured in a step-by-step manner, and you can adjust your learning pace according to your own time, but remember to revise old lessons every day, even if you are not learning something new each day.
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German Grammar Summary

A handy place to get an overview of German grammar. This section summarizes German grammar in one place. If you have already learned German, this section works as a grammar reference.
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