In case of a road accident in Germany

This page contains topics:

  1. What to do after a road accident?
  2. How to share a location with emergency services?
  3. Calling auto recovery service
  4. Role of health insurance

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1. Immediate Measures after an Accident

2. How to Share a Location with Emergency Services?

Please note the following to indicate your location on the road.

Mileage sign on roads other than Autobahn

Mileage sign on the Autobahn. These signs are either fitted on guardrails or their own 2.5 feet high posts.

3. Calling an Auto Recovery Service

It is always beneficial to sign the membership of an automobile club (motoring club). The most popular automobile club in Germany is ADAC (Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club). It has also partnerships in other countries. They help in minor repairs on road and offer a tow job in case of a vehicle breakdown. ADAC often offers discount membership packages for students. The second popular automobile club in Germany is AvD (Automobil-Club von Deutschland).

3. Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. In case you cause an accident, your health insurance company pays your medical bills. If you cause an injury to another person in an accident, your vehicle insurance company will pay the medical bills of the injured person. Please see this page for vehicle insurance.

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