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German Language Basics

The very first question that strikes a beginner's mind is:

Is German language easy to learn?

Both German and English belong to the Germanic family of languages. German for English speakers is fairly easy. Please allow me to disagree with the prevalent thinking that learning the German language for beginners is a hard task. With the correct learning path-way, anyone can learn German easily, even as an absolute beginner.

Best way to learn German

On this website, we have tried to teach the German language basics in the best possible way for those who want to learn German as a beginner without a teacher. This course is a great resource for self-paced learning. German language lessons are organized in a step-by-step grammar and vocabulary learning process.

German Grammer Level A2

The next level, i.e. A2 level German language course is structured for those who have completed the A1 level. In the A2 course, students will be introduced to the next level of grammar topics and vocabulary, and they will learn to communicate in German in various situations. After completing the A2 level, you will have acquired a solid foundation in German grammar and will be able to communicate with greater confidence and fluency in a variety of situations. B1 is the next level upon completion of level A2.

  1. Intro to the Second Level (A2 Level)

German Grammer Summary

It's a reference section. You have already learned German grammar, now, this section includes German grammar topics in one place for you.